Raspberry Gold

Fun fact about me; I don't have my ears pierced. Ok, maybe that wasn't a fun fact, but it was a fact... hah! I have always loved the look of giant gold hoop earrings, but have never been able to wear any because my ears aren't pierced. Total bummer... Until now!

Honey B Gold sent me amazing huge gold heart clip on earrings. Thank the earring gods!! 

While I am super grateful that clip on earrings exist and that I can actually wear amazing earrings, most of them are a pretty painful. I normally am able to wear clip ons during photo shoots, or for a portion of the day, but my ears really start to burn. SO, I was expecting that to happen with these gorgeous Honey B babies, but I was happy to find that they didn't hurt me at all! I was able to wear them for a good chunk of time! Fabulousssss!!


- Quick Side Note - 
I was super pumped to try out my new vibrant-color-saving conditioners (from oVertone Haircare). My hair always fades a bit with each wash (especially when I use shampoo) so this stuff is awesome! Wheee!

CLOTHES: Custom Sweetheart "ISABEL" Earrings & La Reina Necklace - c/o Honey  B Gold, Mary Necklace, Black Velvet Burnout Maxi Dress, and Daisy Boots - vintage (similar Mary Necklace HERE, (dress) HERE, and boots HERE), Vintage Mary Jaket - Cody (similar HERE), Tattered Hoodie - by Widow from Tunnel Vision

Outfit on point.  Yes, ma'am. 

I hope you are enjoying your weekend and feeling happy! My birthday is the week AND I am going to LA for my friend's wedding on Friday!!! Big week!! Oh, and keep an eye out on March 31 (my birthday) for a coupon code for my vintage apparel on Tunnel Vision!!


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  1. I love all the iconography associated with this outfit on your jacket and your necklaces and your earrings look super fab too. When I was little and wore clip on earrings I thought I was the only one who was in pain wearing them but it's good to know someone makes good quality clip ons :)


  2. Those earrings are insane! Also your jacket is really cool x


  3. I'm in loooove with this outfit! Incredible!!!!

  4. Bit late... but Happy Birthday! Also those earrings are insane I am totally jealous and totally want a pair with my name on them too. And of course you're looking as sassy as ever :)

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