Shagadelic - Babyyy

I am super excited about this outfit. I feel like it's such a "me" look; a lil crazy, definitely colorful, and featuring items from shops I love!

My clothes are all items that I coveted for a while before actually owning them, so I treasure them all A LOT. I had my eye on both this shaggy Bitching and Junkfood jacket and this 3rd Class "The World Sucks" top ever since I saw Madeline sporting them over a year ago. I am obsessed with shaggy textured clothes because they are so much more fun and interesting to look at and wear (in my humble opinion..). 

My "The World Sucks" crop top speaks to me; it GETS me. The top is a mixture of "LOL" and "...but yeah, that's true". I like that. You gotta laugh about horrible things (while still acknowledging their existence) to stay sane. "Laughing-Because-The-Truth-Is-So-Evident-But-Some-People-Try-So-Hard-To-Deny-It."

Maybe it's the internet-brain in me that finds the crop top funny, in a tongue and cheek sort of way. To me the top is actually saying "there are so many horrible problems in the world, it's hard to even make it through one day without breaking down. BUT there is still hope; I see these problems, and you see them too, and hopefully we can both do something to make the world a little less awful." AM I READING WAY TOO MUCH INTO THIS CROP TOP? SORRY.

Good outfit, right? Super good. The other items that I luuuuv are my plaid skirt from Alacloth (super great female-run vintage shop!), my super cute smiley face gold necklace from The Pulp Girls (coolest sisters in the world, they have vintage & the BEST accessories around), my "DOLL" Nikki Lipstick beanie (yay, Nikki! You're great!), and my freakin' amazing ankle boots designed by Audrey Kitching from Kerol D. Apparel! This outfit makes me so happy. SO HAPPY.

CLOTHES: Leopard Pom Doll Beanie Nikki LipstickSuper Smiley Face Necklace The Pulp GirlsNocollete Shaggy Faux Fur Jacket - Bitching and JunkfoodThe World Sucks Crop Top -  c/o Tunnel Vision by 3rd Class ClothingVintage Plaid Skirt - c/o AlaclothDiamond Tights - c/o Hips and CurvesCrystal Cactus Booties - c/o Audrey Kitching from Kerol D. Apparel

I hope you are wearing something that makes you equally as joyful.

:) Have a good rest of your week!

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  1. love your shaggy jacket so much, it sort of matches your beanie as well- and I commented on your insta before that I love the shoes, they remind me of the Dior boots from their SS15 collection

    not sure if you heard about the recent lime crime security hack, but maybe worth doing a quick google search?
    I know you love to support amazing projects and clothing brands and yeah, not sure if LC are fully aligned with that sadly

    1. hey I just saw your response and replied there but also wanted to post it here too-

      It seems that people have strong feelings about Doe Deere either way and another thing I've heard is some have claimed is that there were issues with credit card's being compromised as early as November and that the third party security for the site expired under her knowledge, or at least that's what I've heard.

      But thanks for sharing your thoughts and being really cool- since I know you're super supportive of rad businesses and super cool ladies :) Like those shoes! I'm seriously tempted to get a pair of those emerald bad boys myself <3

  2. You look amazing - I love the mix of colours and prints - and your green shoes are sick <3

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  3. Those shoes are insane!! Love this whole entire look so much :-)

  4. i love this outfit so much! totally one of my favorites you've worn