Transcend Average Attire

Typically I wear bright colors, mixed up patterns, and psychedelic attire; but sometimes I go for the complete opposite look. Whenever I get an itch to wear something dark, I pull out all the stops for a goth-inspired ensemble. I love extreme fashion; I am inspired by people who go for a look 200%. Fashion can be fun, so why not push the boundaries of what's "normal"! The more creative the more gratifying, in my opinion. ^-^

I hope you are inspired to reach into the depths of your creativity, and try something new and unexpected! You gotta wear clothes so you might as well have fun with them!

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  1. omg yes this is so chic and perfect- and it is important to recognise you don't always have to wear "one thing" or style of clothing. I'm a bit the same, sometimes it's all colours and patterns but then I'll want to wear all black :)

  2. You look perfect! Love the dress! <3