Go on.. Call me Mom

A recent development on my social media accounts is girls commenting "mom" on my blog posts, pictures, etc. This is the best compliment I can receive, hands down. (Referring to someone as "mom" is a way to say that you look up to them.. they they are your mom goals.) It seriously makes me feel SO good inside. For me, the most important thing to do is to spread love; positivity, personal value and worth, self-love, to make girls feel like they are loved and valued just as they are.. Girls are SO important.. 
So - a big "thank you" to everyone who has ever referred to me as "mom" (and to everyone else who says different kind things hehe)

My birthday was last month and I decided to get myself a birthday present. Below you'll see the handmade coat I got.. and you'll also see why I got it... (hint: it's because it's perfect)

Hair/ Make up & pics by Jen Des Lauriers
CLOTHES: Dream Coat - Saccharine Shrine,  Starlight Holographic Dream Shirt by Rio Warner - c/o Tunnel Vision,  Blue Jean Baby Lace-Up Bells - Miracle Eye
ACCESSORIES: Holographic Tribal Butterfly Dreams Earrings - Marina Fini,  Aqua Aura Quartz Butterfly Rainbow Tattoo Choker & Aqua Aura Quartz Moon and Star Goddess Rings - c/o Holographic Fantasy,  Quartz Bead Looping Chain Choker - Indigo Black,  Silver Rhinestone $ Ring - c/o Bones Couture,  Mini Cross Mood Ring - vintage,  Strawberry Bliss Bracelet - c/o Trixy Starr Jewelry,  Boys Tears 3D Phone Case - c/o Valfre

Holy smokes. There are a lot of good things happening in this outfit. (Obviously) the Saccharine Shrine Jacket, but let's talk about these accessories!!! :O

I honestly think I cried when I saw these mega huge sun and moon rings from Holographic Fantasy.. SO BEAUTIFUL, and their butterfly choker is so cute matching my Marina Fini butterfly earrings!! OMG! Some serious space-age-futuristic goodness!!

Let's move on to my SUPER cute pastel strawberries Trixy Starr bracelet??! So good, plus, the chain is sparkly which adds to the holographic situation. Another holographic-feelin' item is this rhinestone $ ring (from Bones Couture).. I basically scoured my jewelry for any and all vaguely shiny/sparkly jewelry. OBVIOUSLY BEST IDEA EVER?!?! Yeah, I think so!
...and this Valfre phone case. I DIE!!!

Have a GREAT rest of your week!! Leave comments with your blogs (or instagrams, or tumblrs, or whatevz) so I can check them out!!

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  1. omg you're seriously the best can I call you mom? or mother. I've liked that jacket for a while now but your photos are so good seriously you are like a fluffy cloud shrouded in butterflies I love it. <3 <3


  2. I love this look so much! Also, you're always given off such a bad-ass, fresh mama bird vibes~ B-)