Psychedelic Weirdo

Heyo! I'm currently in Los Angeles visiting friends and working. Yesterday Madeline and I did a little lookbook shoot for Tunnel Vision with Melanie and Elvia. (You'll be able to see the shoot soon in the Tunnel Vision Lookbooks section.) Today I am leaving LA to go to Palm Springs for a weekend-long photo shoot, and when I get back I will do two more shoots, one on Monday and one on Tuesday! Busy, busy, but also super fun and exciting. :)

This is definitely an "Isabel" look. Super bright and colorful with some tie dye, too! What more could I ask for?!

Obsessed with how vibrant and rainbow this outfit is, seriously. The multi-colored lettering on my crop top, psychedelic leggings, kaleidoscopic striped hat, and mismatched sparkly earrings. Yes! Also, the studs on my jacket are colorful too! Wheee! 

Also, this beanie right?! Yo Banana Boy made this custom bad boy for me, and I couldn't be happier. Neon colors, "WEIRDO" printed across the front, the cute pom-pom on top! Ugh, so IN LOVE. All of the beanies that Yo Banana Boy handknits are super cute; fruit style ones, multicolor striped ones, cute patterned ones.. and she does custom designs too! SO GOOD. 


Wish me luck on my upcoming shoots! Whoohoo!

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  1. this outfit is so you! and I love the mismatched earrings from MarinaFini <3

  2. Cute ^-^