You Do You, Boo!

Summer is almost here. I used to dread the heat because I felt uncomfortable wearing Summer clothes. Thinking about the Isabel who was scared to put on what she wanted bums me out, big time. Sooo... I decided to make a list of reasons why we should wear whatever we want!!

1. Getting dressed can be a creative outlet.
2. You have to get dressed so you might as well have fun doing it! 
(unless you live in a nude-friendly place - and if that's the case, continue doing your thaaang)
4. It's exhausting and no fun worrying about what other people want and what you want.
5. Being consumed by ideas of what is cool, or what you should wear for your body type is extremely limiting.
Wear what YOU want to wear.
Don't compromise your happiness for other peoples' insecurities!

How boring would fashion be if the norm was never challenged or boundaries were never pushed?? Eeeesh!


Can we talk about these shorts? Yeah? Ok. They are hand painted by the mega-babe-fashionista-extraordinaire-owner and curator of Dirty Disco, Hailea! Hailea runs her vintage shop, Dirty Disco, as well as creates customized pieces (like these OH-mazing shorts!). This webshop is the bomb; not only does it stock one of a kind clothes, but it's also all about girl empowerment through fashion! Check out this excerpt from their bio:

"A highly curated collection of hand picked vintage and original designs for sassy babes. For girls that don't dress for boys, they dress for themselves."

Yep. See what I mean? Perfect!


I've stopped worrying about what society assumes when seeing my outfits, or my hair, or whatever. Life is too short and too precious to get lost in insecurities. You have this life to be YOU - don't waste anymore time being burdened by what small minded people think! Enjoy being unabashedly you!
♥ ♥ 

I hope you have a great week!! 

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  1. This is the best thing ever! You are so inspiring. I'm so happy you like the shorts and even happier that you're happy just doing you!! Yay 4 being a girl and owning it. Sexiest mama evaaaa!!! <3 <3 xxx

  2. those shorts are so good but I'm torn between buying a pair of shorts or jeans (which would be more sensible since I'm now experiencing fall and winter), if I ever save enough cash of course

  3. Not only do those shorts look amazing on you, but I feel like they were legit made for you! They embody your positive vibes and bad ass-ness so well <3 rock on homegirl~

  4. I love that! Look fabulous, feel fabulous; that is my motto and fuck what anyone else thinks! Those Dirty Disco shorts are amazing, keep doin' what ya doing :)

    Love from Heather xx

  5. love the outfit and love the jungly background <3

  6. Gorgeous! And thank you for being so positive! Totally feeling confident now thanks to your motivation ;)