Emotional vs Rational Mind

I am ALL about self-care, as, I am sure, you know. One of the ways we can show love to ourselves is by treating ourselves every-so-often. This weekend I wanted to get myself a Memorial Day Sale present, but my anxiety got the better of me. Distress began creeping into the forefront of my thoughts. I began having misgivings about if I really should treat myself, or if I was being selfish. Nervousness about spending money filled my mind, and I felt that I should never buy anything I don't need, ever again.

When any of us begin going through extreme mental scenarios we should take a step back to evaluate our situation. Learning about emotional vs. rational thinking was a major help in learning to cope with my anxiety (and depression). I am not a therapist by any means, but I want to give you an overview of emotional vs rational thinking, since it helped (and continues to help) me so much.

Emotional thinking is extreme; "I should just give up on something completely" " I am a failure because of x, y, or z". This is an "all or nothing" state of mind - you feel like there is no in between; no middle ground, no compromise. These are all thoughts from our emotional minds. In a few days we are often able to look back and realize our emotional mind took over, but in the moment it can be hard to separate our anxieties with ourselves, and with reality. Here's when your rational mind comes in. The concept of the "rational mind" is just that, it's your mind reasoning rationally. It's taking a step back and discerning if your thoughts are logical - or if your emotional mind has taken control. Why are you feeling the way you are? Are you putting words into someone's mouth? Try to separate your emotional and rational mind. A key element to remember is; it doesn't matter if you agree with your rational mind or not - just practicing this way of thinking helps calm your anxiety. Training your brain to look at your situation with an outsiders' view will become easier as you practice.

What are your techniques for when you feel anxiety coming on? What are your coping mechanisms? Let us know in the comments.. the more tools we have the better equipped we will be!

Now....onto the outfit section of this post.. hehe:


Totally obsessed with this iHeartRaves Jacket for obvious reasons... It's beautiful & crazy bright. A few things you can't tell from these photos is that the jacket has an ULTRA SOFT FUZZY inside. It's seriously SO cozy. Also, along the zipper and hood the jacket lights up. That's right. It. Lights. UP!

CLOTHES:  Electric Styles Light Up Electro Hoodie - c/o iHeartRaves.com  ,  Mickey Mouse crop top & boots - vintage (similar HERE & HERE)  ,  You're an Animal! Zip Up Shorts - c/o Tunnel Vision
ACCESSORIES:  Emerald Kaleidoscope Glasses - c/o iHeartRaves.com  ,  Orange Fluff Earrings - Macy Marie  ,  Hot Hot Pink Tattoo Choker & ring - c/o Sexy Sexy Sex Zine  ,  Sun Tattoo Choker - c/o Butterface Vintage  ,  Flower Barrettes - c/o Tunnel Vision
HAIR/FACE:  Pink Sundae Creamy Lipstick - c/o MuyLinda Collection  ,  Hot Hot Pink, Rock n Roll Red Classic, After Midnight Classic Cream Formula Hair Dyes - Manic Panic

This is a totally Isabel-approved outfit. My shorts are part of a two piece set from Tunnel Vision (you can get the top HERE, and the shorts HERE). I have been super into bright orange tiger print.. like, really obviously FAKE tiger print. I think I enjoy the combination of the colorful pattern as well as the comedy of totally fake looking animal prints.

I went through a period where I didn't wear this crop top often but I am REALLY glad I didn't sell it or donate it, because it's a go-to item for me again. My iHeartRaves.com jacket and glasses add color & psychedelic vibes.. so pretty much this is an A+ look in my book.

I hope you have a great week!

Take care,

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  1. hi Isabel!
    I've been subscribed to your blog for some time now, but this is my first comment (hiii). Well!
    I have a lot of trouble trying to cope w anxiety too. And I really try putting my mind into other things cause it really doesn't matter how hard I try to reason it, somehow I can't separate things in the middle of a crisis and if that was a particular hard one, even if I try reasoning things later, it just tends to bring it back...
    I actually have a little box with things that usually help me go through it, with mint bubblegum, a candle, one of my favorite books, some old candy-smelling glitter pens with a little notebook to write the things I have accomplished that day. I know it may seem foolish but really helps realizing just how MUCH I was able to do before the dreadful feeling caught me!
    I hope you're doing fine, I really appreciate your blog <3

    1. Yes!!! I do this, too.. I totally think in the moment it's really hard to separate what is rational and what is not, and I definitely use distraction as a way to get through it. I also do a similar thing as your list of what you have done that day - I make a list of 10 things I am happy about, or 10 things I like about myself. Trying to get your mind in a different place is definitely a great coping mechanism in the midst of anxiety! <3

  2. this is such a look- and your hair accessories omg
    Thank you for posting about something as important as anxiety
    Sometimes I can't leave the house even when I have something planned but I think the easiest way for me to cope w/ anxiety is to not over think everything the way I used to- or to ride out the crying and bad times in a bathroom


    1. Yes! Totally agree. In the moment you have to do whatever you can to try to stay as sane and calm as possible.

  3. I love DBT. Emotional mind, rational mind, and wise mind are super helpful. I also really like doing 4 by 4 breathing and frozen orange (where you hold onto a frozen orange to ground yourself) when I'm feeling really out of it as far as my anxiety/PTSD go.

  4. Great blog, wonderful looks and style ! ♥ glad to follow here ! ♥

  5. Beautiful beautiful style and blog, so happy I found you!
    So much love from Colombia!
    Mushroom Rain Blog