Surrounding myself with friends who love me is one of the main reasons I am confident and happy. All of my friends support each other and think that we are all the cat's meow. Fill your life with people who love you, like, really love you. Friends don't want you to change the way you dress, act, or think. If you have a hard time making friends IRL then I highly suggest making cool friends URL!! It's easy to find people with similar interests to you on tumblr, instagram, blogs, etc.. All of my closest friends I have met via the internet!

On that note, here are some cute pics of my wonderful friend, Alyssa (PandaEyes), and myself:

CLOTHES: top, jacket, and hat (madeline's) - vintage (similar herehere, and here), Hell on Wheels Grommet Leggings by Bad Vibes - c/o Tunnel Vision
FACE/HAIR:  atomic turquoise hair dye - Manic PanicBruised Extra Creamy Round Lipstick - NYX

So much luv and positive vibes!!

Have a GREAT day!!

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  1. couldn't agree with you more! I've met some wonderful ladies in my city with style that I admire but similar morals as well who I met online but sometimes feel a closer affinity for than my friends IRL. Just because you met someone online or their an Internet friend should not detract from the relationship you have with them, and I think that idea is being more widely accepted (I sound old and crotchety but you get the idea)