Support Ya Grrls!

Supporting companies, shops, artists, and just people in general who are working for a better environment, world, and society is very important to me. I'm really thankful that so many young women on the interwebz connect with the concept of "girls supporting girls". Not only does it benefit our communities to shop small businesses, but as a customer you will have a much more unique variety of goods (whether that's clothes, art, food.. whateva). I am always excited to add new (or new-to-me vintage) pieces to my wardrobe, I love to think about the good stories behind each item!

:) Speaking of supporting rad small businesses, my outfit below features a bunch of fab items from such shops:


Get ready! You're about to meet one of my kitties, Olive! You can see pictures of her on my super secret kitty instagram account HERE!

CLOTHES:  Camo Jacket & Platform Boots - Vintage (similar HERE and HERE)  ,  Lace Long Line Bustier - c/o Hips and Curves  ,  Bitten Hard Bell Bottoms - c/o Ette
ACCESSORIES:  Black But Not Basic Tattoo Choker - c/o Tunnel Vision  ,  Witch Bitch Wire Wrapped Choker - c/o ShopShagHag  ,  Venus Earrings NIN3  ,  Handmade Flower Phone Case - c/o With Lavender and Lace
HAIR/FACE:  Coquette Unicorn Lipstick - Lime Crime  ,  Hot Hot Pink, Rock n Roll Red Classic, After Midnight Classic Cream Formula Hair Dyes - Manic Panic

I have been lusting after snake-print bell bottoms for a loooong time, so I was super excited for these Ette handmade ones! I kinda went for a neutral-earthy color scheme rather than my usual bright palette; which worked well with my new ShopShagHag o-ring crystal choker (the bomb, right??) and one of my favorite vintage jackets!! My new With Lavender and Lace phone case also went perfectly with my organic-camo look, and by that time I knew I was going all out for this outdoorsy, garden nymph vibe so I decided to take pics on a pretty blanket surrounded by greenery (hehe)! Sometimes I kinda like toning it down, and going for a more natural feel - and doing so with such accessories and clothes from unique shops makes it even better!! :)

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day/week/wherever you're at!


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  1. love your style

  2. I love your earrings my god- they're totally amazing <3