Black & White & Rainbow All Over

Rainbow garments fill my wardrobe because color is comforting to me; it feels like a little reminder of my childhood.

One of my primary fashion guides is a mother-figure from my early childhood, Bessy. Bessy draped herself in blues, purples, greens, and yellows, her henna stained hair was a fiery red, and she wore teal eye liner with sparkles in her eyelids. Bessy’s house was decorated akin to the way she dressed; I remember the purple painted floor was bejewelled with glitter, and there were images of nature goddesses covering the walls. Bessy tie dyed her family’s white clothes, and consistently had multiple craft projects in progress. Growing up in this vibrant environment gave me a major appreciation for color, which remains influential in my color palate today!

Recently I have felt an urge to dress outside of my usual style "box". This drive to be creative has actually helped me come up with new favorite looks! For instance, I LOVE how this (mostly) monochromatic outfit turned out:

A good portion of my bottoms come from Miracle Eye. These JailBait Leggings were my first ever purchase from Miracle Eye!! This is like cruising down memory lane for me... :)

Even though this get up is lacking in the pigment department, I am totally into it. This freakin' rad graphic tee (handmade by Pantainanas) was what set this whole outfit into motion. When I picked out to wear my With Lavender & Lace mini bows I thought I'd go for a playful vibe (really into dressing as a 3 year old lately!!) by adding my super cuuuute Vinca white li'l bunny earrings. Throwing on my slip on sneakers (with black/white checkered laces, duh!) just seemed like an obvious choice... Then, voila'! This outfit came into being.

CLOTHES: Tropis T-Shirt - c/o Pantainanas  ,  JailBait Leggings - Miracle Eye  ,  Slip On Sneaks - Vintage (similar HERE)
ACCESSORIES: Tropis Phone Case - c/o Pantainanas  ,  Black But Not Basic Tattoo Chokers and Bracelets, and White Tattoo Choker - c/o Tunnel Vision  ,  Solid White Bunny Earrings - c/o Vinca  ,  Mini Bow Set - c/o With Lavender & Lace
HAIR/FACE:  Makeup (and photography) by Jennifer Des Lauriers  ,  Hot Hot Pink, Rock n Roll Red Classic, After Midnight Classic Cream Formula Hair Dyes - Manic Panic

Pretty sweet black n white outfit for a rainbow grrrl, right?

A li'l tweetable from this post:

Speaking of trying out new-to-you looks... have you seen my "Meet the Model" video from the Modcloth campaign I modeled for? I touch on how fun & rewarding pushing the boundaries in fashion can be! Check out da video below:

Take care & keep on doin' your thaaang!


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  1. love this look from you Isabel- and thanks so much for sharing! I always love hearing about style inspo from other bloggers, especially those early influences from childhood and teen years! :)

    1. Awhh! Thanks so much! You're so sweet.

  2. Great look, love your style! :)

  3. While it's certainly not your normal bright colours, its still so 'you' and the accessories totally add that extra pop! Those earrings are adorable!!

    1. Ahah! So true.. It is a nice extra pop!! :D

  4. It was so nice to hear you speak in that video. I have always followed your posts but didn't even know where you were from. You are lovely and have amazing style.