Hello, Hello!

I am super excited to announce that I am creating a self-love mini course!

If you've been following me for a bit, maybe you'll remember this past Valentine's Day I put together a short n sweet Self-Love Guide (there's a link on the sidebar -- check it out). This program will expand on the main elements of the guide; removing negativity, finding supportive communities, and loving both your insides and outsides. We will delve into what each component means and learn techniques to apply those elements into our daily lives.

The self-love mini course will feature useful strategies to become more sure of yourself, and steps you can take to better understand your strengths and limits. I'll be sharing personal stories of my experience with self-doubt (even self-hatred), as well as moving forward into discussing what has helped me become the confident plus model you know today!!

I'm preparing this program for (but not limited to) young, open minded, creative women who want to embrace the skin they're in. If you've ever felt down about your appearance, or distraught over personality traits - this course is being made with you in mind.

The course is coming out the beginning of August!!

Mark it in your calendar, let your friends know all about it, and be sure to enter my email list in order to keep up to date and receive reminders!

Now, onto this kawaii, fuzzy, cuteness:

This dress is seriously the bomb. It's made by Lazy Oaf, which has become one of my most recent favorite shops! They design THE best clothes, EVER! I recently purchased a few of their items and each piece made me love Lazy Oaf even more..

Awhhh, hey little guy! This cutie pie ice cream cone pin is from Jeanette Converse, who is one of my favorite fashion grrls I've found via instagram... She runs an etsy shop full of her whimsical creations and she dresses like a fluffy, pastel colored dream!

Sweet li'l Chococat iridescent necklace from Vinca!! Vinca is full of majorly cute jewelry like this li'l guy! I'm kinda bummed that he doesn't show up too well in the outfit pics, but this closeup shows Chococat in all his glory.

This amazing fuzzy bucket hat is also from Lazy Oaf! Ugh, they are SO smart. I'm currently obsessed with clothes and accessories that have faces, creatures, or objects depicted boldly in a cartoonish manner. (like this, this, this, and this)

Shoes and socks so fly, I can't even stand it! My amazzzingggg sparkly psychedelic eye socks are from Strathcona Stockings, and my amazing fluffy platforms were a great eBay score!!

CLOTHES: Hello, Hello Dress - Lazy Oaf  ,  Magic Eye Sparkling Socks - c/o Strathcona Stockings  ,  Fluffy Pink Platforms - Ebay (purchase same HERE)
ACCESSORIES: Fluffy Pink Bucket Hat - Lazy Oaf  ,  Floral Sunglasses- c/o Ex Girlfriend's Rebellion  ,  Clear O-Ring Choker - c/o Tunnel Vision  ,  Chococat Necklace - c/o Vinca  ,  Fluffy Earrings - Etsy (similar HERE)  ,  Ice Cream Cone Pin - c/o Jeanette Converse
HAIR/FACE:  Makeup (and photography) by Jennifer Des Lauriers  ,  Hot Hot Pink, Rock n Roll Red Classic, After Midnight Classic Cream Formula Hair Dyes - Manic Panic

Taaadaaah! Color, fuzziness, eyeballs... Seriously, what more could you ask for?!

I'm really looking forward to sharing my self-love program with all of you, and I hope you are psyched too! To best prepare yourself for this course make sure to subscribe to my super fab email list and to check out the Self-Love Guide! (Both are available on the sidebar of this page ➜ ➜ ➜)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! :)

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  1. Adorable outfit, you look amazing! :) Love the mix of pink and blue colours <3

    I have a new outfit post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


    1. Thanks!!
      I'll have a look at your latest outfit post :)

  2. love all the fluffy pink things from Lazy Oaf, as well as your shoes witch complement your socks from Strathcona which really tie everything together.
    so excited for this mini course- not enough fashion bloggers advocate self love and share their tips on happier living!


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, as always!! I am really looking forward to sharing my approaches with people in the hopes that what I do might help others as well!

  3. I die for anything pink and fluffy lately - amazing hyper-pastel outfit! I remember when they did the Nasty Gal X Lazy Oaf collection, super cute :)


    1. Hehehe same here! I'm all about texture!! I seriously LOVE everything Lazy Oaf ever does!!! Yessssssss!

  4. Amasing combination of color and fabrics!